Why we continue to fight

As the father of a small child with type one diabetes, I’m somewhat forced to live in a state of constant uncertainty and worry. Type one diabetes is like a never-ending roller coaster of numbers, highs/lows and emotions. Although Kristina and I have always approached diabetes management like we do most challenges — as a team and with the most positive outlook possible — it’s often hard to not let T1D-related questions and concerns consume my every thought.

Did I count those carbs correctly?

Did I give her enough insulin? Too much insulin?

What’s her current number? Is she going up or down? Why? Why not?

Did her insulin pump stop working? Did the insulin go bad?

Is she sleeping? Or is she unconscious?

That last question is by far the biggest worry. I’ve gone into Isabella’s room in the middle of the night to check on her countless times since her diagnosis more than two years and each time I wonder (even if for only a split second) if this will be the day that Isabella suffers some sort of life-threatening diabetes-related complication. I pray that day never comes. But I also pray that Kristina and I will have the strength to deal with it if it does.

Unfortunately, on June 9th, 2014 that day came for Katie Schwab and her family. Katie, a recent college graduate living with T1D since 2008, was found unconscious as a result of diabetes-related complications. One day Katie was fine and the next day she was in a coma. No warning. Just like that.

Katie and her family are now 7 months into their journey. Katie endures physical, speech and occupational therapy sessions on a daily basis. Her recovery is progressing, but at a slow pace. Importantly, she is surrounded by the love, support and prayers of family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with Katie and her family as they continue along their journey.

Katie’s story is an unfortunate reminder of why we continue to fight…not just for our Isabella, but for Katie and millions of others living with type one diabetes.


You can watch more about Katie’s story here:


  1. paula fairchild says:

    I met you two at CWD this summer. I had no clue about your awesome blog until I clicked on a link in this week’s CWD newsletter! Every entry I have read so far is amazing! Thank you for sharing your stories, your thoughts, your lives with the T1D community. What a powerful way to advocate! (And congrats on the CC15 experience. CC07 changed my daughter’s life in so many ways – and mine, because that experience got me into advocacy and I’ve been with JDRF ever since! I was definitely an experience that we will never forget!)

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