Is It Really Only Wednesday???

isnpiredSo much has happened this week already that I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!  In addition to Isabella and her siblings starting school this week, we also had some amazing T1D-related happenings.

I was honored to be asked to be the speaker for the JDRF Team Walgreens Kick Off Meeting yesterday for all of the Walgreens regional managers in NE Ohio. Isa and I got to share our story with them and thank them for all of the support that Walgreens provides to JDRF.  It was great for them to meet Isa and see exactly what a person with T1D looks like (sometimes they’re small and cute!). Now, when they tell their staff to encourage shoppers to buy one of those little paper shoes at the checkout, they’ll have an image in their head of a sassy little girl smiling from ear to ear.

Yesterday we also officially launched this website…don’t you love it? 🙂  This has been a work in progress and we’re thrilled that our journey is being shared across the interwebs.  We hope that many newly-diagnosed T1D families will stumble upon the site and reach out to us for support.  We’ve met so many amazing families of little ones (and big ones!) with T1D that we want to pay it forward and help others.

Finally, another work in progress will soon be a reality: Isabella’s pump!  We got word today from Omnipod that everything has been approved for Isa’s pump and it will be shipped out to us within the next week.  I have to admit…I’m a bit terrified.  I know this will be such a great change for us in her diabetes management but it will be a big transition for us.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t resist wearing the pump and I am trying to be optimistic about our ability to manage the learning curve associated with this change. (Side Note: Greg just forwarded me the confirmation email that the pump has shipped and all he wrote was: “This is really happening…” so I know I’m not the only one who’s nervous!)

Last but not least…we’re just one week away from Isabella’s one-year Diaversary: the anniversary of her being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  It’s hard to believe a year ago this week we knew NOTHING about diabetes, or that there was more than one type! Instead of grieving about Isa’s diagnosis we’ve decided we will CELEBRATE!  If you haven’t read about what we’ll be doing then check this out:  We hope you’ll all celebrate with us!

Cheers to Changing the World~