I will admit that when Isabella was diagnosed last August that I had NO IDEA what would “cause” type 1 diabetes. Since then I feel like I’ve become a walking Encyclopedia on all-things T1D.

The first thing I learned was that type 1 diabetes is not caused by consuming too much sugar (though many people have asked me if my then not-even-two-year-old daughter was eating a lot of candy). I was saddened today to read a column written in the New York Post by one of my favorite stars from my childhood, Bill Cosby, about Juvenile Diabetes (now called Type 1) being caused by parental apathy and allowing our children to consume too much sugar.

I can assure you, Mr. Cosby, that my daughter’s diabetes was not caused by drinking too many soft drinks, as you indicate in your post. In fact, I can assure you that my daughter has had to consume MORE sugar since her diagnosis so that she doesn’t lose consciousness from hypoglycemia.

Until a cure is found for T1D I know we will continue to face this battle of ignorance about this disease. While we don’t know the exact causes of type 1 diabetes, the best we can do is help families know the symptoms and to know that no, Mr. Cosby, we did not give our daughter too many Big Gulps from 7-Eleven.


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