cwdfflJust a few days following Isabella’s diagnosis last year, and while still in the hospital, Greg and I began searching online for resources for families of children with type 1 diabetes. We knew nothing about the disease that our 2-year-old had just been diagnosed with, and knowing we’d soon be leaving the hospital fully responsible for her survival was terrifying.

One of the resources we found was the Children with Diabetes organization. The first thing we saw was that they host a yearly conference, “Friends for Life”, that draws over 3,000 people together. We immediately signed up and patiently waited 9 months until we could finally meet the many families whose names we’d come to recognize from the DOC: the Diabetes Online Community.

We returned today from our first “Friends for Life” conference in Orlando and I wanted to share some of the things we learned:

-People with T1D can win super bowl rings, summit Mount Everest and be finalists on American Idol;

-People with T1D can live 50+ years with diabetes, receive 99k+ injections AND still not spring a leak (Great job, Joe S!);

-People with T1D can eat ice cream shaped like Mickey Mouse…and survive!;

-Dogs with T1D are pretty amazing (you rock, Jackson!);

-You can tell the difference between Chip and Dale because Chip’s nose is brown like a chocolate chip (yes, I know this isn’t T1D related but you never know when you’ll be on Jeopardy and it comes up as a Daily Double question);

-Even though there is no cure (YET!) for T1D, there is an AMAZING bunch of people out there fighting really hard to find a cure;

-And finally…anything is possible♥

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