daniela hopeToday we said goodbye to two wonderful people as we get ready to leave Mexico City and return to the U.S. First, Daniela Pacheco Fotografia who took the beautiful photo of Isabella, that many will recognize as our cover photo, just two weeks before being diagnosed with ‪#‎T1D‬ last August. Daniela and Isa connected instantly that day and, based on the smile on her face, you would never have known that she was already fighting for her life. Daniela asked me if she could take one last set of photos before our departure next week so we spent the afternoon at her new studio here in Mexico. We took a few photos that we hope to use to help raise awareness of T1D and this one is a sneak peek.

Tonight we had our final appointment with Isabella’s endocrinologist, Dr. Carlos Antillon. To say that he is one reason Isa is alive is an understatement. Dr. Antillon has been an amazing mentor to us and Isabella adores him:)

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to high-five your spouse and hug your doctor during an appointment but I will tell you that is exactly what I did when Dr. Antillon told us Isa’s ‪#‎A1C‬ test was 7%! I am usually a humble person but I have to admit, I felt a little bit (ok, a whole lot!) of pride when I heard this number.

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