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And Just Like That, Year Two Begins…

Not Cool Pancreas

She loved the t-shirt we made for her: Not Cool, Pancreas…Not Cool. 🙂

A year ago today we sat in Isabella’s room at the Hospital ABC in Mexico City on DAY 2 of her life with T1D.  Today we began YEAR 2.

Yesterday was amazing…Isabella’s journey was celebrated not only here in Ohio, but also in Texas and Florida. Though we have so much to be thankful for, I have to admit I am looking forward to the day we can celebrate a cure for this disease.

Over the past 24 hours we’ve received some very generous donations from friends, family, and strangers to support our team in the upcoming JDRF Northeast Ohio Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Words can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone who has joined us on our journey to a cure for type 1 diabetes…we are truly blessed.  A year ago we would never have imagined all that we would experience and accomplish since Isabella’s diagnosis:

-We’ve met some amazing people who also have T1D in their lives;

-Become deeply involved with JDRF (including Greg’s board appointment to the Northeast Ohio chapter);

-Visited the DRI (Diabetes Research Institute) where we met with diabetes researchers;

-Reached nearly 600 Facebook followers and the same number of Twitter followers;

-Led teams participating in JDRF walks in Ohio and the FIND walk in Mexico City;

-Attended the JDRF Hope Gala in Miami;

-Created partnerships to raise funds (including jewelry, t-shirts, hair bows, and ornaments);

-Partnered with amazing businesses to host successful fundraising events;

-Won 2nd prize in a diabetes awareness photo contest sponsored by the JDCA;

-Attended a Children with Diabetes Conference at Disney;

-Been profiled in various online and print publications;

-Launched this website (yay!);

-Raised nearly $14,000 and counting towards diabetes research…

And we’re not done yet 🙂

As promised, here are some photos commemorating Isabella’s 1-Year Diaversary yesterday!

photo (7)

Waiting to greet her party guests!

photo (8)

Family and Friends Celebrating Isabella’s Diaversary in Ohio

photo (9)

Blue (sugar-free!) cupcakes!














Isabella’s aunt and cousins organized a balloon launch in Florida to celebrate with us!

Oma Opa Blue Day

Isabella’s Oma, Opa, and cousin supporting her Diaversary in blue all the way from Texas!

maeve balloon launchballoon launch2 balloon launch1 balloon launch



Our Story and Glu!

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.51.48 PMWe received great news today that Glu, an online community for people with type 1 diabetes, posted an article about our family!  Not only that, it’s the feature story on their home page right now 🙂 What a wonderful way to celebrate the eve of Isabella’s 1-year Diaversary of being diagnosed with T1D.

Here’s a link to the Glu site so you can all check it out:

PS-Thanks to our very talented photographer friend Captured by Kelly Photography for taking the beautiful photos that accompany the article.



Pump Pump Pump It Up!

Isa and her OmniPod

Isabella’s OmniPod pump arrived today!! We are excited and a little bit terrified at the same time. While we know that the pump will enable even better and tighter control of her glucose levels, it also means that we have to start over and learn a new system and new routine.

When Isa was first diagnosed about a year ago, we left the hospital wondering how in the world we would ever remember everything we had learned during our 4-day crash course type 1 diabetes training in which we learned about proper meal planning, counting carbs, checking glucose, and applying just the right amount of insulin.

Over the past year we have become experts at all of these things. We can tell you the carb count of a waffle, a piece of bread, animal crackers, and a glass of milk. We can also tell you how much insulin we need to inject to combat these life threatening carbs (and to hopefully prevent the insulin injection itself from becoming life threatening).

This has become our system…our daily routine. Our daily struggle with type 1 diabetes is successfully managed, controlled and contained within 12 months of learning this system and routine.

Now we start over. And we are very excited about the improvements this will bring to Isa’s glucose control and her quality of life (essentially replacing 4 injections per day with the equivalent of only 1 every three days!). But, we are also a little scared about moving out of the comfort zone of our daily routine and starting over with a new, untested (at least for us!) system.

However, we have also become experts at dealing with challenges, facing them head on and successfully overcoming them. This will be no different. We will face this new challenge head on and we know we will all be just fine! Especially little Isa! So bring on the uncertainty, a new routine and a new system…we can do this!

On a side note…Isa was playing outside with her brother and sister when Kristina yelled out to her, “Isa, your pump arrived!” Isabella replied, with quite a bit of emotion, “my cupcake arrived!?!?!” She obviously has much more important things on her mind!


Is It Really Only Wednesday???

isnpiredSo much has happened this week already that I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!  In addition to Isabella and her siblings starting school this week, we also had some amazing T1D-related happenings.

I was honored to be asked to be the speaker for the JDRF Team Walgreens Kick Off Meeting yesterday for all of the Walgreens regional managers in NE Ohio. Isa and I got to share our story with them and thank them for all of the support that Walgreens provides to JDRF.  It was great for them to meet Isa and see exactly what a person with T1D looks like (sometimes they’re small and cute!). Now, when they tell their staff to encourage shoppers to buy one of those little paper shoes at the checkout, they’ll have an image in their head of a sassy little girl smiling from ear to ear.

Yesterday we also officially launched this website…don’t you love it? 🙂  This has been a work in progress and we’re thrilled that our journey is being shared across the interwebs.  We hope that many newly-diagnosed T1D families will stumble upon the site and reach out to us for support.  We’ve met so many amazing families of little ones (and big ones!) with T1D that we want to pay it forward and help others.

Finally, another work in progress will soon be a reality: Isabella’s pump!  We got word today from Omnipod that everything has been approved for Isa’s pump and it will be shipped out to us within the next week.  I have to admit…I’m a bit terrified.  I know this will be such a great change for us in her diabetes management but it will be a big transition for us.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t resist wearing the pump and I am trying to be optimistic about our ability to manage the learning curve associated with this change. (Side Note: Greg just forwarded me the confirmation email that the pump has shipped and all he wrote was: “This is really happening…” so I know I’m not the only one who’s nervous!)

Last but not least…we’re just one week away from Isabella’s one-year Diaversary: the anniversary of her being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  It’s hard to believe a year ago this week we knew NOTHING about diabetes, or that there was more than one type! Instead of grieving about Isa’s diagnosis we’ve decided we will CELEBRATE!  If you haven’t read about what we’ll be doing then check this out:  We hope you’ll all celebrate with us!

Cheers to Changing the World~


preschoolMany of you have asked me how our search for a preschool ended up. The good news is that we found a school that, though they have not had a child with T1D, they are willing to learn! I met with the school’s Director, Assistant Director, and Isabella’s teacher on Friday and they asked many questions and took lots of notes. An added bonus is that her teacher’s college roommate had T1D so she’s seen many blood-sugar checks, injections AND she knows all about the emergency Glucagon shot! I believe everything happens for a reason and this is a true example:) Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers as we start this new adventure!



Isabella before a video shoot at Quicken Loans Arena for JDRF tonight…didn’t realize how appropriate her dress was until I took this pic. Here’s hoping someday we’ll need to buy her one with a big “0” on it