Isabella’s Story

divaDid you know that diabetes affects 366 million people worldwide? More than 15,000 adults and 15,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) every year in the U.S. alone. On August 28, 2012 our 2 year old daughter, Isabella (Isa), became one of those kids.

Isa spent 3 long nights in the hospital being constantly poked and injected. She was very happy when she finally went home to be with us and her brother and sister (they're triplets!). Isa is doing great, but her life will be forever changed.

She will be forced to manage her condition on a daily basis with a controlled diet, constant monitoring of her blood glucose levels and multiple insulin injections. By the time she turns 18 years old, Isa will have had more than 40,000 finger pricks and more than 23,000 injections of insulin.

While we still have a lot to learn about T1D, we are ready to face this challenge head on and we know our little Isa will do great. We are now committed to raising awareness and fundraising to find a cure.

Just Like Her

As our kids have gotten older, the joy of Christmas has been amplified. The excitement leading up to Christmas morning takes me back to 5-year-old Kristina hoping Santa saw my wish list consisting of all-things Barbie. Imagine my joy this year when I stumbled upon a website that sells 3D printed … [Read More...]

Losing Sight

I am stubborn. Like, really REALLY stubborn. Probably one of my worst traits is that I think I'm invincible. I take pride in being the working mom who does it all and rarely suffers a Pinterest fail. And I like it like that. No, I LOVE it like that. I thrive off of accolades and the "how DO you … [Read More...]

Dear Teachers: We Need You On Our Team

When we moved to Ohio I had more than one school tell me that they couldn't take Isabella because of her diabetes. One even offered to enroll Max and Mia and suggested I homeschool Isabella. It's true...and it's not right. An article in today's New York Times highlighted the day to day struggles … [Read More...]

you can do this. trust me.

Last night, I joined in on the weekly #DSMA (diabetes social media advocacy) chat on Twitter. If you haven’t participated, I highly encourage you to try it out. If you have type 1 or are a parent of a child with type 1 or just want to get a glimpse into life with type 1, I promise that you will grab … [Read More...]

It’s not always about type 1 diabetes…

“Who’s Caroline?” asked Max. Isa responded in her sassy 'I know everything and you don’t' tone, “you don’t remember her, Max??” I was driving the kids to school and it was the day after Isa and her new best friend forever, Caroline, had the honor of sharing their stories about living with type 1 … [Read More...]

Remembering Kycie

"I wanted to see Merida, mom." "Mmmm, hmmm." "Was that a real Buzz Lightyear, mom?" "Mmmm, hmmm." "Can we have ice cream when we get to the hotel, mom?" I nod. Our bus ride home from Disney seeming longer than after past visits. Each question rolling off, one after mind … [Read More...]

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