Isabella’s Story

divaDid you know that diabetes affects 366 million people worldwide? More than 15,000 adults and 15,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) every year in the U.S. alone. On August 28, 2012 our 2 year old daughter, Isabella (Isa), became one of those kids.

Isa spent 3 long nights in the hospital being constantly poked and injected. She was very happy when she finally went home to be with us and her brother and sister (they're triplets!). Isa is doing great, but her life will be forever changed.

She will be forced to manage her condition on a daily basis with a controlled diet, constant monitoring of her blood glucose levels and multiple insulin injections. By the time she turns 18 years old, Isa will have had more than 40,000 finger pricks and more than 23,000 injections of insulin.

While we still have a lot to learn about T1D, we are ready to face this challenge head on and we know our little Isa will do great. We are now committed to raising awareness and fundraising to find a cure.

Why we continue to fight

As the father of a small child with type one diabetes, I’m somewhat forced to live in a state of constant uncertainty and worry. Type one diabetes is like a never-ending roller coaster of numbers, highs/lows and emotions. Although Kristina and I have always approached diabetes management like we do … [Read More...]


Shaping Friendships

Just before Thanksgiving the stars aligned and just like eHarmony for the T1D world (dHarmony?) we met a sassy blogger online named Libby. A twenty-something who also happens to be pancreatically-challenged, Libby asked us if she could interview us for her blog and we were pumped (pun totally … [Read More...]



Tears. Lots of tears. Arms flailing, screams echoing through the house. A chorus of doors slamming and feet stomping rattle the walls. Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde. So often people tell us that Isabella seems so happy, always full of smiles. We share photos of her with her silly grin, … [Read More...]

Halloween Diabetes

Here we go again…

I have always loved Halloween. I love dressing up and I love the excitement leading up to it. It's probably no secret to those that know me well that I start planning costumes months in advance...and we don't disappoint!For most kids, though, Halloween is about much more than choosing … [Read More...]

Isabella and Brynlee, T1D BFFs

Defining a ‘Cure’

  According to Webster's, there are three definitions of the word "cure": 1) Something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again 2) Something that ends a problem or improves a bad situation 3) The act of making someone healthy again … [Read More...]


The #TBT No One Wants To See

Nearly two years. Now, more than half her life. Every day. Forever. Sitting in the standard metal hospital chair, I looked over at Isabella. Everything seemed the same...just the crib swapped out for a rolling bed. Hadn't we just been here? Didn't we just experienced the exact same … [Read More...]

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